Theme Days

Just for fun, I’m creating two “theme” days per week:

  • Word War Wednesdays: Set your timer for two hours and just put out as many words as you can on your current project. Then post the count; the person with the highest word count gets a special “shout-out” on the blog here and bragging rights. You pick which two hours. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Just get as many words as you possibly can.
  • Get-Fit Fridays: Writing fit, that is. Just as you can do exercises to help you get physically fit, you can do writing exercises to help get the words flowing on your project. I’ll post a writing exercise Friday morning. That way, those of you who write on weekdays either still have all of Friday to get it done or can think about it over the weekend. Those of you who write on weekends have a day to mull over what you want to do with it. Post your results and/or what you got out of the exercise.

That’s it. If anyone has favorite writing exercises, let me know. I’ll need all the ideas I can get. I’ll be participating in theses challenges myself, so I’ll be posting about them, even if I’m the only one doing it. Challenges start this week. I’ll be posting my results here and on this group’s Facebook page.

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