Fantastic Writing Course Closing Registration Today

Course Cover © Holly Lisle

Course Cover © Holly Lisle

Heads up for anyone who wants a great writing course and doesn’t mind making a long-term commitment. Today is the last day to sign up for Holly Lisle’s breakthrough writing course How to Think Sideways. You have about 8 hours to sign up. The best thing about this course is that once you’ve bought it, it’s good for life. I’ve taken this course and made it to Lesson 19, but then life interfered and I got side-tracked. I’m going through it again this year. This is the first year that there’s actually a class going through it together, which I’m hoping will give me some accountability and help me make it all the way through. Because of that, though, Holly had now decided to open registration only once a year.

I apologize about the last-minute post. I was going to post about it, but I honestly thought registrations were closed already. I just received an email in my box telling me today was the last day to register, so anyone who’s interested still has some time to sign up. The course cost is $497, which you can break down into 7 monthly payments of $77/month. From my own experience, this course has been more than worth the money. I’m not an affiliate (I was once, but the affiliate program was jettisoned), just a very satisfied customer and I’m receiving no payment of any kind for this plug.

It’s a 29-week course, so yeah, it’s a time commitment. But if life interferes and you fall behind for any reason, you can still complete the course at your own pace. You just won’t be with the rest of the class. Many people who have graduated from this course have gone on to publish books of their own, both self- and traditionally-published. And the course doesn’t just cover writing. It covers the whole life of a novel, from generating the original idea to how to market your published book, including how to work with agents and editors. Or if self-publishing is your way to go, she covers how to do that, including how to publish within your budget and how to created a professional-looking cover.

Holly herself is working writer who’s published over thirty novels, both traditional publications and self-published ones, mostly in the SF/F genre, though she has a few paranormal romances I thought were surprisingly good. How to Think Sideways isn’t her only course. She also has long courses that cover how to revise your novel and how to write a series. And many shorter courses, including Create a Culture Clinic, How to Create a Plot, Create a Language Clinic, How to Write Page-Turning Scenes and more.

For more information, go to How To Think Sideways Ultra. And if you decide to join me, I’m jaderpggm on the forums

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